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Lecture 7

Lecture 7

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Sheldon Ungar

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Thursday October 29, 2009 - Lecture 7
Today Read: BRYM Chapter 5 and Ungar Chapter 5
-Everyday life we take on the role of ourselves.
-Why a failure?
-Why differ from everyday self-presentation?
Dramatic Impact
-Display correct feeling
-Show not just on surface, but go in a few inches.
Successful Interaction not a given, but an Accomplishment ± 1
-Not feel self-FRQVFLRXVRU³RQ´/LNHRQ-stage)
-Examples: Starting new jobs, any new situation as opposed to a routine situation. Strangers, new
situation, hi status other, being evaluated, illegal acts.
Accomplishment ± 2
-Coordinate acts
-Mutual understandings
Accomplishment ± 3
-Example, going to a doctor in a office.
Accomplishment ± 4
-Versus Breakdown
Accomplishing Social Order
-Harold Garfinkel
-Looks at methods that folks use. How do people accomplish interaction?
-Conversation as a gloss, superficial.
-By breaching, we uncover hidden norms.
-Problematic when we are too precise.
Rituals to Enact or Accomplish Order
-Greeting and party rituals.
-Greeting rituals affirm both selves
-VS threaten them.
-Attenuation rule. (Greetings where you see someone often.) Stronger greetings then to
weaker greetings.
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