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Lecture 10

Lecture 10

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Thursday November 19, 2009 ± Lecture 10 Stratification
Today READ: Brym Chapter 17
The Functional Theory of Stratification
-Argues that inequality is useful and inevitable.
Inequality Does Seem Inevitable (Impossible to avoid or prevent from happening)
-Kibbutz in Israel.
-Get rid of inequality by separating parents and children.
-Rotate authority so it is continually changing.
-However, family thing did not last long, ended up returning kids to family.
-Rotation position did not work, as some people may be more effective than others.
People who performed best got kept as leaders.
-Pass on advantages to next generation.
-Soviet Union and Communism
-Tried initiating equality of wages.
-Specifically tried to equalize equality for women.
-However, equal wages did not work at all.
-Women got better jobs, but did not change their status. (Ended up getting two jobs.)
-Communist party had power, therefore, gave themselves great wealth.
-Lifestyles for people at top were so wealthy.
-Kids of heads of party went to high institutions.
-When Soviet Union fell apart, members ended up buying out their wealth.
-In large numbers came to Canada. (Moved into Bridle Path)
-Basically, inequality of power (from large-scale organizations) is translated into status and
economic outcomes. They tend to pass on power to generations.
-Therefore, inequality is inevitable.
The Functional Argument
-Some jobs (ex. physicians) are more important than others (ex. janitors)
-Functionally important jobs require more training.
-To motivate people to make the sacrifices necessary to train for important jobs, they must
receive large rewards for their work.
Functionalism Affirmative Action
-Position open to best person -Position open to talented and qualified persons of
any group.
-Just grades?
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