Lecture 11

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26 Jul 2010
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Thursday November 26,2009 ± Lecture 11 Stratification
Strucutre of Final Exam
-Very short answers 20 marks
-Lecture, reader
-A concept up to one written line
-4 of 6 written answers 20 marks
-Up to 5 lines
-Multiple Choice 60 marks
-Brym (week 7 and on)
Who are the Poor?
-Single mothers.
-Singles under 25, especially rural.
-Elderly/ sick/ mentally ill.
Poverty and Work
-Claim: many poor can work.
- US Legislation: Force people to work therefore drive down welfare numbers.
This succeeded to a certain extent.
-This mostly affects single moms.
-Absent mom (and dad): affecting schooling, mental illness delinquency.
-The cost: jail vs. welfare.
Growing Poverty (Again) in Working Families
-Wal-Mart effect: Living wage; paying too little and having cheaper prices for consumers.
Worst employer in the world and refuses unions. People working at WM usually are forced to
work overtime but do not get paid, therefore poorly treating their employees and getting away
with it.
-Globalization effects: Real and imagined.
-Illegal immigrants: Terms of growing poverty. Need of immigrant workers but do not like
-Recession and unemployment: Effect on poverty rate from type of president and how they
affect things. Poverty rate per kids was 10% in Canada.
Absolute vs. Relative Poverty
-Absolute: Basic needs and nothing more. In the past it meant poor nutrition, disease, leaky
roofs. Borderline of survival. Extreme absolute poverty in places like Africa.
-Relative poverty: Powerless and social exclusion.
Poverty and Purposive Degradation
-Examples include: Food stamps from government, cheating on welfare.
Permanent Ban From Welfare if Caught Cheating
-Who else faces the equivalent level of punishment?
-Doctors who rip off Medicare?
-Income tax cheaters? 3% vs. 25%, value in $?
-Trapped in buying in certain areas due to lack of transportation.
-Cannot get credit, therefore get loans, and eventually need to pay more.
-26% of welfare people in Canada are disabled.
3% of welfare participants defraud the system.
25% lie about income tax.
Film: Voices from the Shadows
-Poverty as work.
-Especially dealing with bureaucracy.