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University of Toronto Scarborough
Sheldon Ungar

Class OutlineCourseSOCA01H3 LEC30Lecture 08112012Topic Work and the economyKey educational goalsoutcomes for todayKnow key characteristics of capitalism and be able to recognize them in the organisation of Canadian economy and your experiences as a worker and customer of corporationsUnderstand changes in capitalism and their causes pursuit of class interests and class conflictKnow main characteristics of work in postindustrial societies in a global economy such as Canada Reflect on their influence on your employment prospects and strategiesReadingTepperman Lorne Patrizia Albanese and Jim Curtis eds 2012 Sociology A Canadian Perspective 3rd edition Toronto Oxford University Press Chapter 15Naiman Joanne 2012 How Societies Work 5th edition Halifax and Winnipeg Fernwood Publishing Chapter 4Questions to guide the readingto think about ahead of time for studentsDefine industrialisation Define the phases in the development of capitalism according to SugimanDefine the main sectors of the economy and know their importance for Canadian economy Should homemakers be paid for their work on social reproduction WhyWhat is flexible work How are advantages and disadvantages of this type of work distributed between employers and employeesUnderstand the position of women racialized people and youth in Canadian labour marketDefine feudalism Understand the main social processes that have led to its demise and the rise of capitalism What conditions are necessary for the establishment of capitalismDefine capitalism Understand that this mode of production is organized in the interest of the capitalist class What is the main motivation for production in this system How is profit producedWhy do crises of overproduction happen regularlyWhat are the main characteristics of capitalist globalization What are TNCsAgenda for classAPUS announcementIntroduction
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