Detailed notes on chapter 15(Families)

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14 Dec 2010

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Introduction: people speak about the decline of the family . Functional theory of nuclear families: functionalists believe that for any society to survive, its members must cooperate economically. (meaning women perform domestic work while men perform labor works (superior strength). In foraging societies, people subsist by hunting animals and gathering wild edible plants. They are a nomadic groups of 100 or few people. Men hunt and women gather, and also do most of the child care: however, some forager men often tend babies and children, and gather when the hunt is unsuccessful, and some forager women hunt. In foraging societies, children are considered an investment in the future: life is highly cooperative, and relations between the sexes are quiet egalitarian (equal). The canadian middle class in the 1950s: socialization and emotional functions of the family are now most important. In urbanized homes, women still mostly worked at home, and the husband was the money maker.