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Mc Kinon

Family - Lecture 7 *headings are underlined family - who maintain socially approved sexual relationship entrepeneur good at selling ideas to society - moral entrepeneurs marriage rates going down, divorce rates rising serial monogomy - one after the other in marriage (one marriage after another) more children growing up in a single parent home the clever model: popular in the 1950s husband works outside the work for pay, wife worked inside the home for no pay. And it was the first marriage for both of them, not second. Most people living in traditional marriages these days. 2nd marriage has higher divorce rate than 1st marriages today the traditional nuclear family is a minority in todays society if you are in a common law situtation the ontario law govt sees that as a kind of marriage - if you split up you could do support payments (not inconsiderable) fundamental unit of society: family know functionalism - looks on family as crucial for society. That society could no survive without the family primary sociolization - preparing children for school - integrate into schoolsociety regulation of sexual activity in order to maintain kinship organization (aunts, uncles, grandparents) property rights: parents pass down their property to their children must leave a will in order to leave your money in a certain way or else the ontario government distributues it to how it sees fit incest taboo: sexual relations or marriage between certain kin - what kin is involves varies from culture to culture - the navaho (aboriginal people who live in the southwestern part of the u.s.) has a matrilinial decent system
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