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Families and Stratification

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FAMILIES (continued)
Spouse Abuse
Women are more likely to experience severe forms of violence
1968 divorce started
Granted divorce for adultery, mental cruelty, psychological/physical abuse, living
apart for 3 years, and distortion
1985 divorce act (separation for 1 year)
No fault nobody is to be blamed for divorce
Tough to get out of marriage
We are living in an individualistic society
We spend less time living together nowadays then before
The me generation you get married, wife stays at work and the husband makes
income to share it with his family.
Individualism on the rise
oPeople now want to use their purchasing power for themselves
oLess commitment to duty and obligations nowadays
Romantic Love
Romantic passion of love lasts from 6 months to 1 year
Love sick physical changes in the body, when you are smitten by love, the other
person is wonderful and you dont see their faults (euphoric)

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Romantic love is short-lived; takes power on you after a while
Independent women reason of divorce rates
Women control fertility now men can do nothing about it
The rise of women movement feminism
When women work in labour force, it is easier to walk away from marriage
Easier to walk away from marriage for independent women then dependent women
Marriage a modern stress
oHousework for two career couples (second shift for women: caretaking of
oCan be demanding
Men usually have the primary career while womens secondary
Sometimes dual career couples are more likely to have 50-50 share in taking care of
the house and are likely to get a divorce
Less time for two people to connect commuting, working
People tend to be irrational and make unwise decisions in this Gaga period
Social acceptability (negative stigma) another reason of divorce
People see divorce as normal and socially acceptable if its popular
Legal reform (divorce is easier legally; particularly when theres no children
involved) reason of divorce too
Young people get divorce mostly where did my world go?
Lack of financial resources (financial disagreements) husbands and wives mostly
argue about money
Young people are most likely to be without money than old people
SES Socio Economic Status (social class): people from lower SES are likely to get
Shotgun (compulsion) marriages daughter is pregnant and the father forces the
guy to marry his daughter
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