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Race and Ethnicity

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Race and Ethnicity (cont.)
Ethnic and Racial Stratification in Canada
Institutional completenessall about ethnic segregation or ethnic residential includes Toronto
Sociologists ask are the societies self-sufficient
Restaurants, theaters, schools, clothing and grocery stores, lawyers, doctors
Ethnically homogenouslargely the same
Segregation can be voluntary or involuntary
Involuntary – the state (South America) will have housing segregation
Informalif an ethnic minority moves into a neighborhood, and the people that live there already
start putting unwelcoming signs (Persians)
oLaw (institutional)
oEthnic – neighborhood and a community can have this character and so can a nation
Europeans have started to allow immigration to the societies that are single-ethnic
Uk is also multiethnic – by history and invasion
How do Canadians feel about race and ethnicity?
oUncomfortable with the terms because they think it carries achievement
In 1970s - Ethnicity was based on hierarchy in Canada because prestige and
power was distributed on the basis of race
Canada as it exists today (multicultural) is different from how it was before
(based on race)
oEastern Europeans
Americans started to settle in Alberta, Alberta has this kind of American flavor to it
Mosaic – porter founds of modern sociology
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Porter called charters the founding groups
He said immigrants came with entrance group status, means they got slated out of the high
Canadian American Differences
US is a melting pot and simulation is seen as a goal while pluralism is seen as a goal in Canada
Majority Groups
WASPrefers to majority groups
oThere are problems in these
oIn Canada northern Europeans are considered wasp
oJohn was the founder of wasp
oInterlocking directorship – BOD are dominated by white anglow protestants
o Elites
oCanada is now the home of businesses in other countries
oGlobal capitalism has reduced
oHomogeneity –
oWasp refers to Caucasians usually
oCelticis a propounding music? Google up
oCaucasians has been over generalized
oFrench Canadians dont consider themselves as a majority group; they think they are a
group” is misleading
When you say group, you are talking about approx 10 people accomplishing a
Majority and minority groups suggest
The majority group in South Africa
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