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22 Dec 2010
Socialization is a process in which people learn their culture-including norms,
values, and roles (role is behaviour expected of a person occupying a particular
position in society)
Become aware of themselves as they interact with others
Is a requirement of unleashing ones potential: i.e. becoming fully human
Socialization gives humans a set of instructions on how to behave
Humans are subject to a bunch of different programmers
Mass media greatly influences humans
Takes place at a level of interaction
Socialization starts at birth and does not stop
Social Isolation and the Crystallization of self-identity
Consequences of children in social isolation:
oRarely develop normally
oAre unable to form intimate social relationships with others\Acquire only
most basic language skills
oAre disinterested in games
Without childhood socialization, most of our human potential remains undeveloped.
Cooley’s Symbolic Interactionism
Cooley introduced idea of looking-glass self, in which following process occurs:
oWhen we interact with others, they gesture and react to us; this reaction
allows us to imagine how we appear to them. We then judge how others
evaluate us
oFrom these judgements, we develop a self-concept or set of feelings and ideas
about who we are
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