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Lecture 7

Lecture 7

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Malcolm Mac Kinnon

Sociology Lecture Oct.29 Average is 66, the bell is +4. The mark you receive has not been added to the grade on the matching sheet; you do this. Class has a profound impact on our lives Massive evidence for class impact Life chances increases as you go up the class hierarchy Quality of life is affected by class Even when we have universal health coverage- members of lower classes have high infant mortality rates Much of this has to do with pre and post natal care Can use this globally Afghanistan- has one of the highest rate of mortality Most lower class members suffer from physical ailments, get sick, and more likely to suffer from mental disorders Generally speaking there is less knowledge of health issues in lower classes They have a fatalistic attitude towards life- Que sera, sera Fatalism is produced by those who have relatively low control over their own lives Powerlessness is associated with poorer health The middle and upper classes have more knowledge about a healthy lifestyle ^ are more wealthy They have more knowledge of healthy foods and medical facilities Poorer people have a poor knowledge about what health services are available to them and they are more likely to smoke Greater chance that poorer people are users of hard drugs (tobacco, alcohol, cocaine, heroine, meth, ecstasy etc.) Ecstasy affects memory after a few uses White collar workers usually endure carpal tunnel syndrome at worst Whereas labourers have to endure physical injuries or even death at the workplace Construction is dangerous activity, logging is dangerous, ocean fishing Lifestyle also differs Consumption Patterns o Important for marketing, a degree in sociology o Rye is for lower class whereas scotch is for upper classes o Lower classes dont make as much money, cannot purchase much luxury goods Leisure time
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