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Lecture 9

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Reminder that there is no class next week as there will be a presentation in AC223 by
Evelyn Fox Keller on Nature vs. Nurture
Post-traumatic stress disorder
First applied to Vietnam veterans now applied by some to children who watch action
Public and private organizations find classification of mental disorders useful
1974 war survivors found the stress were too much to take
Found that their problems were psychiatric
PTSD a mental disorder was because of the political effectiveness of the campaign
An example of a mental disorder being delabelled: self-defeating disorder
Culture plays a big role in determining whether you are mentally healthy or
There is no clear dividing line between mentally healthy and unhealthy individuals
Ex. When you have prostate cancer of cervical cancer there are tests that you can
take to determine whether you have the disease or not, this is not the case for
mental disorders
Culture looms as critical in this process since there is no scientific concrete line to
define mental disorders
There is one mental disorder that is recognized in the courts and the federal govt
Mitigating factor- you dont bear the full responsibilities of your crime if you have a
recognized mental disorder
Most common one is depression, 1/4 Canadian women, 1/10 Canadian men
Production of endorphins through physical activities can alleviate issues from
Canadian mental health association estimates that 1 in 5 Canadians will be affected
by one of the mental disorders
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They are considering of including post-traumatic embitterment disorder
Internet addiction disorder
Apathy disorder
Compulsive Buying Disorder
Hoarding disorder
Compulsive overeating disorder
Pharmaceutical companies- research into drugs
They have an interest in expanding the list of mental disorders
Prozac most widely prescribed antidepressant, repackaged as seraphim for women
Renamed and repackaged seraphim for this new disorder
Premenstrual dysphoric disorder
Self-help literature-these experts play a key role labeling another disorder attention
deficit disorder
A drug was created and was prescribed exclusively to unruly boys in the classroom
There is some evidence that people with ADD they have problems absorbing glucose
in the brain
Chemical imbalance in the brain that regulates behaviour
Ritalin is the drug
When individuals are diagnosed they look for inattention, hyperactivity and
impulsivity in clinical diagnosis
Many boys have this nature and get diagnosed with ADD
Most boys are just bored
Children like to act out to get attention
4 reasons for expansion in number and scope of psychiatric labels
oTreatment of mental health problems now more open to medical and
psychiatric establishment because of
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