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Lecture 9

Lecture 9

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Malcolm Mac Kinnon

Sociology Nov.12 Reminder that there is no class next week as there will be a presentation in AC223 by Evelyn Fox Keller on Nature vs. Nurture Post-traumatic stress disorder First applied to Vietnam veterans now applied by some to children who watch action movies Public and private organizations find classification of mental disorders useful 1974 war survivors found the stress were too much to take Found that their problems were psychiatric PTSD a mental disorder was because of the political effectiveness of the campaign An example of a mental disorder being delabelled: self-defeating disorder Culture plays a big role in determining whether you are mentally healthy or unhealthy There is no clear dividing line between mentally healthy and unhealthy individuals Ex. When you have prostate cancer of cervical cancer there are tests that you can take to determine whether you have the disease or not, this is not the casefor mental disorders Culture looms as critical in this process since there is no scientific concrete line to define mental disorders There is one mental disorder that is recognized in the courts and the federal govt Mitigating factor- you dont bear the full responsibilities of your crime if you have a recognized mental disorder Most common one is depression, 14 Canadian women, 110 Canadian men Production of endorphins through physical activities can alleviate issues from depression Canadian mental health association estimates that 1 in 5 Canadians will be affected by one of the mental disorders
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