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Lecture 10

Lecture 10

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Malcolm Mac Kinnon

Social Construction of Race Perceptions of racial difference are socially constructed and often arbirtrary Some people think race and ethnicity is ascribed, sociology shows that r&e is socially constructed Greater importance for sociology and social forces than biology Jewish people are ethnic groups and not a race Race is often misused when people try to refer to nationality Race is a group of people that are determined to be inferior or superior by physical characteristics Racism is then often misused, racism- discrimination against a socially defined group or individual Genetic inferiority Racism implies prejudice and discrimination against a socially defined group that has a genetic inferiority Race: A Social construct used to distinguish people in terms of one or more physical markers, usually with profound effects on their lives Example: Using race to make person or group a scapegoat, which is a disadvantaged person or category of people that others blame for their own problems Scapegoating is fairly widespread The classification of white and non-white started in Europe in the age of colonialism The fiction of pure race o Humanity has experienced so much intermixing that race as a biological category has lost nearly all meaning o Sociologists use the term race because perceptions of race continue to affect lives of most people profoundly Japan has a lot of biological similarity because it has been isolated from the larger society The Japanese are not a race, biologically speaking
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