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Week 8 - Spouse Abuse

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Fall 2010

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Malcolm Mac Kinnon

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Week 8 – Nov 2, 2010.
Spouse Abuse
-Male spousal abuse was patriarchy
-Divorce law…s ince 1968 divorce has been rising…people with money are signing pre-
nup agreements
-Divorce was adultery prior to 1968…most people strongly against adultery…still taboo
-Seperation from one year
-Reasons for divorce: individualism (more time apart), romantic love declined
-politics played a crucial role in inequality
-social complexity leads to a complex division of labour…social differentiation
-Social differentiation: today’s world of work there are about 3,500 occupations
-these occupations have differentiation in pay
Explanations of Income Inequality
- Importance of education as factor affecting economic success stressed by human capital
theor y
-HUMAN CAPITAL – sum of useful skills and knowledge that an individual possesses
-If coordination was missing, cooperation would be impossible
Money is fungible, it has liquidty
Money as a medium of exchange
Practitioner = Professional
Ontario College of physicians + surgeons (OCPS)

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Week 8 Nov 2, 2010. Spouse Abuse - Male spousal abuse was patriarchy - Divorce lawsince 1968 divorce has been risingpeople with money are signing pre- nup agreements - Divorce was adultery prior to 1968most people strongly against adulterystill taboo - Seperation from one year - Reasons for divorce: individualism (more time apart), romantic love declined - politics played a crucial role in inequality - social complexity leads to a complex division of laboursocial differentiat
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