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Week 10 - Race and Ethnicity

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Malcolm Mac Kinnon

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Sociology – Week 10 Nov 16, 2010
Race & Ethnicity
-being a part of more than one culture (home culture and host culture)
-Studies indicate that people who are marginal are more creative (exposed to
more traditions
-Marginality music; marginal music is a creation by Afro-Americans; beginning
with Jazz and Swing (1940s) then rock and roll (Chuck Ber r y)
Movie: Chuck Berr y Documentar y
Ethnic and Racial Stratification in Canada
-Many Canadian sociologists had to qualify the view that ethnic and racial culture
determines economic success or failure because: many members of ethnic and
racial minority groups were economically successful despite ethnic and racial
prejudice and discrimination; economic differences among ethnic groups and
racial groups diminished
-Diversity (ethnic) increased among the wealthy, government positions,
professional groups
-Feel more at home when living in a community dominated by their own ethnic
-Ethnic segregation is very existent (voluntary)…segregating people b/c of their
ethnicity is illegal unless its voluntary
Social Significance of Race and Ethnicity
-Most Canadians are uncomfortable with t hese terms
-Believe these terms carr y negative meaning
-Ethnicity has been HISTORICALLY the basis for ranking people; refer r ing to
inequality of distribution of resources; in the past
-Entrance group status (immigrants) at the bottom of the ranking…purpose of
immigration policy to put them at the bottom…specifically Eastern Europeans
and even the Ir ish
Ethnic stratification: most recent ethnic immigrants are given the bottom jobs
-Charter groups: British and French groups were here first
-Visible minori ties born in Canada have earnings equal to or above charter and
European groups; not the case for ethnic groups that ar r ived here; offspr ing of
immigrant groups are given fair earnings b/c their parents were not given the
oppor tunities
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