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Mc Kinon

y Most behaviour is in response to social forces y Durkheim thought if you can understand social forces that create suicide you can prevent it by changing those social forces y Durkheim found that social forces are highly prevalent y Slide 4 o I Social forces that emerge when you get together with a group of friends Especially when you try to solve a problem you see social forcesA leader will emerge to organize activities A group must have a leader o II example stratificationsocial inequality o III above and between states UN governs social structureso Social structures keep reappearing generation after generation y Slide 5 o He analyzes suicide from a sociological perspective o Suicide was unexplained through societys perspective but Durkheim disagreed with this y Slide 6 o He analyzed statistics in mental institutions in France o He found if people had psychological disorders they were less likely to commit suicide than normal people o Social integrationsocial forcesA concept that explains how common how closely bound are theycommon values beliefs o High level of integration high level of common sharing and conformity o Lineup behaviour going to the back of a line is a custom that people share o Social integrationsocial solidarityProduced by common ethnicity tribes family work o Constrainedheld back from doing whatever you want held back from being too individualisticPeople need to be constrained from being too individualistic otherwise suicide can result o Weak integration similar to our society and modern societies Durkheim calls it organic solidarity o There are many different subcultures based on many different thingsmakes integration more difficult to obtaino Subcultures can be based on lifecycle stage work division of labourIn modern societies there is diversity of opinions beliefs values y Slide 7 o Social solidarity is influenced by the intensity and frequency of their interaction o Social integration is relatively weak in modern societies when compared to traditional societies of the pastthis is related to suicide o Egoistic suicide produced by weak social integration o Altruistic suicide produced by traditional societies with high social integration
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