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Lecture 2

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- Traditional societies where social integration is high
-Y^re-modern societies- before the modern era
-YLow levels of crime, low levels of deviance
Yèhen a ^erson behaves in a deviant way, they become an outsider
Yèhen a ^erson breaks the rules, the ^erson is shunned (ostracized)
Yaometimes called honored societies
 c
Yilitary training
Ys^irit de cors Ȃ social integration, social solidarity
Y`igh level of social integration
Y^hold a certain set of values/conduct
-Yèeak social integration,
-Y`igh levels of social solidarity
-YTakes 2 forms of suicide
1)Yèarrior suicide
2) Deviance/crime/failing to live u^ to standards ȂLOaa OF FAC- losing social esteem and
social ^restige
-Yatudent suicide in Ja^an is the highest in the world
-Yaometimes called KKRAKIRI Ȃ student suicide
-YRitualistic altruistic suicide Ȃ s^ecific suicide ceremony
YDisembowel themselves
 c$
åYCulture is social forces in action
åY to govern human behaviour
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