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Lecture 3

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Mc Kinon

LECTURE 31WHAT IS CULTURE a SOCIAL ORDERPREDICTABILITY b THE PARADOX OF CULTURE FREEDOM CONSTRAINT c COMMONSOCIOLOGICAL ACCOUNTS OF CULTURE d HOW DO WE GET CULTUREi SHAREDii TRANSMITTEDiii PERCEPTIONiv ARBITRARYv ACQUIRED2THE BRICKS AND MORTAR OF CULTUREa VALUESmost inclusiveshared by most people eg Educationall cultures have values beliefs and normsconcepts are generalizableCanadian values are liberty and democracy political equalityeverybody is treated equally before the lawFreedom of speech and freedom of conscience are valuesCanadian constitution contains these valuesb BELIEFSConflicts dont arise because you have values but we have conflicting belief systemsbeliefs are less inclusive and than valuesreligion is relevant to where you stand in societyreligion is a private affair and not publicwe referred to it as separation of church and state state is not interested in any particular religion it doesnt sponsor any kind of religionvalue is religious toleranceFreedom of conscience is freedom of religion and also freedom of choosing the political ideology Different political parties but are all committed to democracy valueParticular religion or political affiliation is a beliefWe agree to disagree in religion and politicsc NORMSREGULAR NORMS AS MORESmores are guides upon norms are concrete govern everyday conductnorms tell us what we can and cant donorms prescribe and proscribewhat we see in multicultural society like Canada these societies are pluralisticCanada has many different ethnic parts
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