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Lecture 4

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Mc Kinon

LECTURE 4 1 SOCIALIZATION MAKES US HUMANsocialization is the transmission of culture of social forcesmany people that engage in crime grow up ina criminal environment Crime is learnedSocialization Acquiring culture values beliefs norms statuses roles Also becoming aware of yourself as a distinct and separate entity in the social worldTabularasa blank slateNurture passing on the cultureinteracting with natureSocialization is all about nurture culture interacting with natureSocialization begins at birth some believe it begins before birth playing music while the child is in the womb no evidence of thisSocialization continues throughout the life cycleSometimes culture defines how old people are supposed to behaveWe need culture socialization to become humana HUMAN ISOLATIONfail to make socially intimate relationshipsthey do learn some languageisolation doesnt teach people how to cooperateb THE DEVELOPMENT OF SELFcultural knowledge is acquired and assimilatedcultural knowledge is internalizedsocial distance normsSocial knowledge internalizedit becomes part of you you forget that you got it from someone or somewhere else The culture becomes a taken for granted part of yourselfsense of self you recognize yourself and become aware of yourself as an individualsymbolic interactionist SICharles Horton Coolie developed the idea of looking glass self We interact with people they react to us Self concept we acquire from judging the way others evaluate us Some people give us negative or positive vibesMost of these symbolic interactionism is AmericanSimmel and weberMead he calls one part of the selfIpresent from birth barbariansnatureThe mesocialized part social part of the self we get that from interaction and communication 2 PATTERNS OF SOCIALIZATIONyou can compare cultures on something like personal responsibilitythe law looks on everyone of us as personally responsible for our behavior
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