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Lecture 4

SOCA01H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Internalized Racism

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Francisco Villegas

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SOCA01 Introduction to Sociology
Lecture 04
Imperialism, History, Writing and Theory
Any time we read something, we should question who writes, and for who is the writing done and
for what purpose?
What are the circumstances, and the historical context of the writing?
What are the possible consequences and effects?
What kinds of assumptions does it make about the world?
People have done a lot of scientific measures to prove that another person was not human
What are the assumptions that we make about knowledge?
People were and are still affected by imperialism; it is not only a facet of the past
How can we understand a concept without the voices of the people who have experienced it
How can we understand something if we are only observing the point of view of the colonizer
We have to question the content and the purpose of our writing
We need to think about who and what may be excluded from written works
Imperialism and Heroes
Those often considered to be heroes are not always admired in indigenous writing
Imperialism and Colonialism
Colonialism is an expression of imperialism
Imperialism is a broad term; colonialism is only one of the things that can happen within it
Internalized racism - the idea that people of color thing other people of color are deficient and can
engage in discrimination towards their own community
On Being Human
The definition of human in humanity is define by people
There is no single essence in what it means to be human
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