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Malcolm Mac Kinnon

Chapter 1 When social integration is weak or social solidarity is low it tends to be weak in modern societies than certain types of suicide increase When social solidarity becomes too high as it is in pre modern societies you get altruistic suicides Medium levels least amount of suicideas shown on the graph Egoistic suicidemodern individualism Durkheim says when we are too individualistic this causes a great damage to society and suicide rates increase More crime devianceWEAK SOCIAL INTEGRATION High solidaritymechanical solidarity Weak solidarityorganic solidaritypeople are not concerned in what people thing people dont crave the social approval of others Its better for people to speak ill of you than not speak of you at all Durkheimdecline of social integration leaves behind the egosocial personality When social integration declines this leaves the ego open to suicideA healthy ego needs to have social supportIf you dont have social support than you We need to have a sense of belongingWhen an ego is constrained it concerns itself in the conscious collectifWhen people face common threat social solidarity increaseso Suicide rates went down What social type in Canada is most poorly integrated Social type specific set of characteristicsMen commit more suicide than womanWomen attempt suicide more than men women can try drug overdose men shoot themselvesMacho Men keep things bottled upcan lead to more suicide Males are less integrated socially than womanSocial characteristics come into play including religion and ethics suicidesingle people are also more likely to commit suicide as they are not part of a social union Protestants commit the most Toronto has ethnic segregation protestants isolated away from religious community dont go to church causing weak social solidarity
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