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Compass reading notes - Chapter 3

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Origins of Cultures
High culture consumed mainly by upper class
Popular culture
Mass culture
Human Survival Kit
capacity to create general ideas or ways of thinking that are not linked to
particular instance.
i.e. Symbols: things that carry particular meanings
ability to abstract enables humans to learn and transmit knowledge
unique human
capacity to create a complex social life
establishing norms: generally accepted ways of doing things
enormous variety of social arrangements and institutions (healthcare system,
political parties) demonstrate advance human capacity to cooperate and
follow norms
making and using tools and techniques that improve our ability to take what
we want from nature
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Ethnocentrism : Judging another culture exclusively by the standards of our own
Culture as Freedom
Cultural Production and Symbolic Interactionism
Symbolic integrationist sees culture as an independant variable
People actively produce and interpret culture
We are allowed to choose how culture influences us
Cultural Diversity
We can choose to how culture influences us partly because there is more to
choose from
Rapid cultural diversification because of immigration
Different cultures influencing music, food, clothing, architecture, etc. in
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