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Lecture 1 Notes

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Culture Lecture
September 28, 2010 #1
1.Values most exclusive
Agree to disagree on things
TOLERANCE of beliefs i.e. religion, political beliefs
2.Beliefs more restrictive
i.e. religion, political belief
3.Norms most specific
Everyday conduct
Govern ordinary day to day behaviour (MUNDANE ROUTINES)
Found in all cultures
Concrete guides of conduct
PRESCRIBE (allow) and PROSCIBE (forbid)
Norms have SANCTIONS
Social sanctions- used to bring back people in line who have defied norms
1)Informal sanctions
Face work. Approve/ Disapprove by look on face
Body language. i.e. walk away when you disagree
2)Formal Sanctions
Backing of society. i.e. punishment by judge/ law, boss firing person
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Culture Lecture
September 28, 2010 #2
In pluralistic society (i.e. Canada, many subcultures, not as integrated) different
norms exist.
i.e. different norms for marriage, diet, clothing
Occupational journalists dont disclose whistle blowers who are the source of
their information
Tax on marijuana because government is broke
Mainstream hip hop music: consumer oriented
Rock music full of countercultural elements
Counterculture Protest Music (ABOUT VIETNAM WAR)
Jefferson Airplane “Somebody to Love
Jimmy Hendrix Hey Joe
More can co inside with laws (statute law)
Stealing is illegal and a norm
Norm proscribe stealing
Law gives formal punishment for stealing
Norms dont alway co inside with laws
friendship norms
Norms governing the relationship
Ex. Friends keeping secrets
Not going to jail for betraying trust
Norms apply in particular social setting / situation
Normative expectation
Apply in one setting and not another
Ex. Paint face at game but not funeral
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