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Problem of Social Order

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Sheldon Ungar

BRYM Chapter 3 and 4 as a packageProblem of Social Order Then a lecture on solutions y How is society possible o Equalityinequalitygender cohesiono Social cohesion vs torn social fabric Ex multiculturalism in Germany They were brought over at the end of world war IIand they lived completely in their communities and did not participate withintheir societyMulticulturalism in Germany is essentially a failure because they dont integrate into societyWarfare leads to refugees In Africa there are five million refugeesRiotsDisorder monsoon y DISORDER tends to become an integrated part within societys memoryy We become acutely aware of it within our society y Permanent y Intermittent y Rare RARE DISOREDERS y 911 y Canadao October crises FLQ crisisWar measures act Believed that a coalition of others was going to take over the governmentAbolishing English and forcing all children to learn education completely in FrenchWar MEASURES ACTenforced and it suspended all basic civil rights within individuals in society Inuit and other native populations declared independenceo G20 Toronto INTERMITTENT DISORDERS y France Greece o Labour disputes and strikes o Student protests y China2700 Military Persons Supresses Massive Protest o Chinese military experienced a massive protests because a pregnant woman was beat by a police officer o Red army is a very large army and decommissioned soldiers cannot find jobsrepresent a dangerous group o Intermittent proteststhey are lower level because you really cant communicate across the communist systemPermanent Disorders o Afghanistan o
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