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Lecture 4

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Francisco Villegas

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Introduction to Sociology
Week 4; September 24th 2014
Mid-term test date: October 24 3pm at GYM
We will hold a review on October 22
All students are required to attend unless they are prevented because of a
university-recognized reason- please take a look at student handbook and course
Imperialism, history, writing and theory
Who writes?
For whom is the writing being done?
In what circumstances?
What are the effects?
oWhat ideas can it uphold or further?
Many tools to develop “knowledge” about the world have been used against
colonized peoples to explain or rationalize the intent, purpose, and end goals of
People have been and continue to be affected in by imperialism
o“Imperialism still hurts, still destroys and reforming itself constantly” (p.
Writing about this has become an important endeavor for
Indigenous peoples
This has included rewriting and deconstructing many of the
racist and dehumanizing ideas built into the discourse,
practices, and policies regarding Indigenous peoples
o“The lived experiences of imperialism and
colonialism contribute another dimension to the
ways in which terms like ‘imperialism can be
understood” (p. 19)
We must be careful in how we write and question the purpose and content.
Imperialism and heroes
While some “heroes” are glorified for their “discoveries”, in Indigenous writings
they are not so admired
oFurthermore, “in each place, after figures such as Columbus and Cook had
long departed, there came a vast array of military personnel, imperial
administrators, priests, explorers, missionaries, colonial officials, artists,
entrepreneurs, and settlers who cut a devastating swathe, and left a
permanent wound, on the societies and communities who occupied the
lands named and claimed under imperialism” (p. 21)
oThese interventions were rationalized through the use of science, religion,
and political discourse.
A significant amount of work was necessary to dehumanize people
Imperialism and Colonialism
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