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Lecture 7

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Malcolm Mac Kinnon

SOCA01 Lecture 7 Consequences of social class class has a profound impact on our liveslots of evidenceQuality of life life chancesaffected by class life chances increase as you go up the class hierarchy and decreases as you go down the classhierarchy even when we have universal health coverage Canadamembers of the lower class have higher infant mortality rates die wn first 6 monthsdue to prenatal and postnatal carecan see this globallypoorer countries have higher rates of infant mortalityex Afghanistan has one of the highest rates relativistically lower classes also have higher rates of general mortalitykeeps increasing in wealthy countries women seem to live longer and make it up to the age of 90slower orders are more likely to suffer from physical ailments and more likely to suffer from psychological disorders health improves as go up the class hierarchyWhyless knowledge of health related issues among members of lower class orders less interest bc those people seem to have a more fatalistic attitude towards lifeque sera sera whatever will be will behave a lack of control over their own livesfate affects all of usbut poor people are more fatalistic bc they lack that control of their liveslack of power powerlessness associated w poorer healthwealthier people live longer bc they have the money upper classes live longer bc they have higher levels of education have more knowledge in connection to a healthier lifestyle ie healthier food dietpoor people are less likely to use medical facilities when theyre sick poor people are more likely to smoke cigarettesthey have a higher tendency to use hard drugs even alcohol and tobaccoboth are very addictiveie cocaine crack heroine methresearch on ecstasy even w a few uses of the drug it affects memorymarijuana used by the Rastafarians in Jamaica marijuana is a part of their subculturethey smoke Jamaican dope which is powerfultook a sample of their dope and compared it to a group of Jamaican nonsmokers and did cognitive tests found that there were no differencesresearch on marijuana on monkeysshowed damaging effects but may have been due to the high doses they were given daily
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