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Lecture 8

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Malcolm Mac Kinnon

SOCA01Lecture 8Families contd Functionalism and various aspects of functionalismseveral dimensions of socializationregulation of sexual activitysocial placementmaterial and emotional security economic cooperation family is a place where you find particularism and affect the family provides emotional support as said by Parsons there are rewards of affect when raising childrenthe family is based on emotions people wn the family relate to each other emotionally therefore the family is different from the larger society family is treated differently and given better treatmentthe larger society is treated w universalismimpersonalitythe family pools their resources and the parents support their children relationships bw parents esp mothers and their children are very closemothers can divorce their husbands and never see them again but the children and their mothers usually dont break upparents support children emotionally physically and materially sometimes children support their parents in old agethere is also sexual division of labournot as important as it used to bew introduction of modern appliances the difference between the strength of men and women is not as important complementaritydivision of labour they complement each other Critical evaluation functional approach overlooks the diversity of the familycritiques say other institutions can play the same role as the familytends to overlook the problems of married lifeex violence and conflict is also common in the family the family is a paradox both positive and negative characteristics functionalists emphasize the positive ex Japan 197020 of Japanese women havent married by the age of 30today 40 of Japanese women havent married by the age of 30Why Patriarchy the Japanese family is more patriarchalNorth America is not so patriarchal the marriage rate is going down poor people decide to stay singlewomen want to pursue their careerthere is also the option of in vitro fertilization
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