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Lecture 8

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Malcolm Mac Kinnon

The components of loveRobert Sternberg says the components are passion erotic attraction intimacy confiding in others and shared feelings and commitment intention to remain in the relationship Reasons for divorce1Individualism the me generationwe spend less time living together today than in the pastlarger proportions of people live alonenot just elderly people but more younger people as wellless inclined to get married bc it may interfere w personal priorities these ideas are becoming more prominent 2Bloom is off the roserose only last a short period and then the bloom is gone Components of love1Compassion takes a beating when it comes to marriage2Commitment3Intimacyromantic love can wane after a period of timewhen in love the other person is absolutely wonderful perfectlove sick smitten dont see their faultsbut after some time you wake up and see that persons faultsyou were immune to them beforemay be that the initial period of enchantment is just natures way of making sure you procreate when the children are produced the passion is no longer there in a culture whose marriage is bc of love that same culture will get divorced bc passion is shortlivedget psychological intimacycompensates for the decrease in sexual passionafter initial rush you have to reorient marriage around another aspect like commitment or intimacy another reason for increase in divorceincreased participation in the labour forcetherefore there is less dependence on men and therefore it is easier for women to walk awaywomen become independent women are more likely to initiate divorce proceedings then in the past Marriage and modern stresshousework childcare senior caremore partners are more likely to work outside of the home
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