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Malcolm Mac Kinnon

SOCA01Lecture 10 Race and Ethnicity no marginality and creativity on the final Social construction sociology on race and ethnicity is important bc we look at how race and ethnicity shape power and resources race and ethnicity often focus on inequality some people think race and ethnicity is proscribedborn w it and so unchangeabletraits that youre born w sociology says race and ethnicity are socially constructed consider greater importance for sociology than in biologyracial distinctions arent biological givensome scientists believe we all belong to one race and this is in Africasome people think we all come from one mother named Lucy who is from Africa Race is misused some people think iof race in connection w skin colour the Caucassion racewhite people or people of European backround some people label Jes as a race but they are an ethnic group another misuse is nationality the English racewrong the human racewrong not the way sociologists or biologists use the term race Canteburry people who have been singled out as inferior or inferior on the basis physical of genetic characteristics term racism is also misusedmeans to be prejudiced against a socially defined group of ppl and to discriminate them based on genetic inferiority of that group of individuals often find today that when people see prejudice or discrimination they think that it is based on racism but its not always true can discriminate against people not just for race but can also discriminate based on religion colour of hair etc should be aware of the fact that racism is the discrimination against people who show genetic inferiority Race biology of society race is a social constructrace matters historically bc it has been associated w inequality the group defined as genetically inferior experiences prejudicescapegoating is when a group of people blame and inferior group of people for their problems that they themselves have created
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