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University of Toronto Scarborough
Malcolm Mac Kinnon

Health and Medicinesymbolic interactionism does not define deviances in an objective but also in a subjective way the medicalization of deviance the deviant behaviour is increasingly becoming medicalized and becoming more present in our societyover time medical definitions of behaviour are becoming more prevalent in our societyMedical labelling and time Medicine power and culture theres a tendency for medical definitions for deviance to become more prevalent over time in an earlier era much of deviant behaviour was labelled evil therefore it was punished and chastised by the law clergy family and community today they are treated in a detox center if youre an alcoholic you go into a detox centre that requires you to withdraw from alcohol use you get rid of the toxicity in your system someone who is prone to violent rages is medicated with drugs someone who overeats today gets therapy and sometimes surgery people can have surgery to staple the stomachdecreases the size of the stomach so they cant eat as muchthis person would be called a glutton in the pastthe person would be blamed for the condition today heroin addicts are put on methadonea substitute for heroin used to treat heroin addicts in the past they were blamed for the condition today when people do deviant acts they are described as unable to help themselves in the past people were responsible for their deviance today they are not responsible involuntary deviancethus what used to be bad is now labelled as sick when medicalizing deviance they say that the person is the innocent victim of social forces deviant behaviour is increasingly controlled under medicine and psychiatryHow did this all happen How did psychiatry and medicine get control of deviance A Mental Illness Labelling and Delabelling thpsychiatry has been doing this since the beginning of the 20 century vast changes in definitions have taken place over the last century only a very thin line separates science from politics when it comes to mental illnessthe line has become blurred under some circumstances politics today defines what is a mental illness and what is notinterest groups a group of people that try to influence the way medicine the government etc goes about their work and handles their business interest groups have been able to influence the way in which psychiatry has labelled and delabelled mental illnessEx Homosexuality before 1974 it was considered to be a psychiatric disorder this was not based on any medical evidence it written up as a disorder on the DSMdiagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders psychological they then suddenly removed homosexuality as a psychiatric disorder probably the reason they had it in the first place was because of discrimination and prejudice why did they delabel itthe condition did not disappearin 1974 the condition was more widespread and public than even before therefore when the condition became more visible psychiatry stopped labelling it as a mental disorder gay and lesbian activists began to lobby the DSM telling them that there was no justification for labelling this as a mental disorder
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