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Lecture 1 Sociology ~ Sports for Blacks Lack of opportunity, 1910 Black fighter? Mike Tyson Joe Louis beat Russian Shelling Floyd Patterson Well spoken, liked. Sonny Liston Muhammed Ali Henry Louis Gates regarded at Harvard as Americas most eminent African-A academic was cuffed and locked uip for disorderly conduct by a Cambridge policeman James Crowley. Jesse Jackson Fear pf AA youth. Adopt cool pose Afro- American youth Prejudice Generalization ppl learn how to answer polls, learn to answer in a nicer way. Like Jewish ppl are cheap, Asian ppl are smart, Mexicans are useless, Egyptians are ugly, Europeans are dogfaces. Levels of Discrimination. Germany, Japan, and France. Discrimination Restricted admissions to universities & professions, kept out of elite circles, 1950s, Beaches, no Dogs and Jews for Jews in Canada. Comparison of Slavery in the US to Canada Underground railway and ongoing prejudice and racism, continued
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