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Lecture 1

SOCA01H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Baby Boom, Social Forces, Plastic Surgery

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Sheldon Ungar

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Moral Panic
-Denition: an exaggerated threat to society
-Examples: Ebola in the US, child homicides by strangers
Sociological Imagination
-translate personal troubles into public issues
-understand how life chances aected by broader social forces (public
issues that aect your life)
-Examples: cancer, unemployment, date rape
-Intersection of three variables can aect you
oHistory – time when you were born (eg. Depression generation, war,
baby boomers)
oSocial Structure – where you are born in society, social class (rich or
poor), gender, race, religion, etc. impacts
oBiography (of individual) – how you were brought up
- Cohort – set of people born at the same time
oExperience similar things at the same age, especially teen years
oExample baby boom generation, born at the end of the war (end of war
to 1960)
oFollowed by baby bust, MTV generation, generation x, 20 something,
know nothing, generation with PR problem, ANTAGONISTIC TERMS
oBaby boom vs gen x cohorts
History (born in di time, aects opportunities)
Social structure (size of the cohort, demographic bulge)
-Cohort eects: generation x
oFamily – not binding ties
Baby boom –stable families, low divorce rate
Gen x – high divorce rates, kids more alone, mothers have to
oEconomic outlook – fewer jobs in gen x, outsourcing, computers exist,
Walmart, service industry begins, people cant aord things, more
people still living with parents,
oSize, politics and culture
Baby boom aected schools (more schools, more teachers
needed, more unis)
Dominated media, fashion, music, etc.
Athletes, heroes, etc. started in the baby boom, who followed
them? Nelson Mandela followed, but not many others
60’s is when the birth control pill came out, less diseases back
then, drugs started marijuana, then cocaine, later (70s) di
oNew impacts of the baby boomers (because of size and wealth)
Cruise ships
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