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Malcolm Mac Kinnon

-family will look after you when nobody else would -family is also functional because it provides economic cooperation -family is where you find particularism is an affect and parsons (family is based on emotions…affect = emotions (emotional support)… family will be there for you for emotional support.. parsons (find out what this is))…within the larger society, the family is different, you are given special considerations by your parents because you are their child… so therefore the larger society is based on universalism and impersonality (so within the family, when you screw up, its okay, but within the larger society it is impersonality) -closest relationship in the world is mother with the child…that is because woman may divorce and never see their husband again, but it is very rare to see the parents to breakup with the child… mother always sees child -theres sexual division of labour (complementarity… men do certain work, woman do other… so these type of work are complimentary to each other).. man did strength work that woman can’t do (but with modern appliances like technology… the difference in this strength is very unimportant) -functional approach tends to overlook problems of married life.. ex. violence and conflict is common to the family… ex. family is a paradox (has negative and positive characteristics).. functionalists tend to emphasize the positives.. -patriarchy (Japanese family is much more patriarchy than a north American family)… -in vitro feralization – buy sperm, become pregnant and have a child and remain single -many men say: family law is biased against men… that men are denied visitation rights to their own kids, some men try to get around this with a pre nup... pre nuptial agreement in the case a divorce takes place, then you divide the assets according to the pre nup (get woman to sign pre nup)… so the rich guys will do this… but even this doesn’t work nowadays because the woman just say that he hid his assets in a separate account in Swiss.. so the judge just says that the pre nup is void -family life creates inequality… social reproduction of inequality… people that are born in a poor family are likely to remain in a poor family… for the most part people inherit the social standing of the parents -higher class men.. they wanted to transmit their property to their sons (higher class men have higher property).. the family concentrates wealth and reproduces (creates) a class structure for generations that follow… his view was to end gender inequality…(FIND OUT ON THE LIST WHO SAID THIS!!!) but functionalists say that families are needed for identity -second defect to conflict theorists and feminists is patriarchy… husband spends 3 hours a day on housework, woman spends 5.3 hours… third problem with the family is race and ethnicity… family perpetuates racial and ethnic categories and these persist over time because people tend to marry people of themselves (tamils marry tamils)… if you marry within your group like this, its called endogamy, and if you marry outside of your group, its called exogamy… but there are trends now with marriages that are intermarried (Jews, Japanese and some Euro Canadians … Euro = Canadians of European decent all intermarry now) -when communist revolution took place in Soviet (now Russia), it abolished the family and it had to reinstate it because things just didn’t work out…union… -another criticism is: family perpetuates racial and ethnic identities…. This is wrong.. but people love multiculturalism which is retention of ethnic and racial of country of origin… but this very contrary -problem with patriarchy argument in connection with house work because woman do more of the housework than men (husband)... but men spend more time in the labour market…so when you take this into account, the contribution to household is almost equal, but conflict theories ignore this fact… so its technically not patriarchy no more because men balance it out by working in labour market -family treats woman as a sexual property … but this is talking about the traditional nuclear family back in the days, this is not occurance here no more -who are my ancestors?? you tend to want to know your biological parents… the need to find this is so powerful, a group of adopted children in Ontario have formed a lobby group… they approached the Ontario government, and requested that parents who gave up their adopted children could not hide their identity…. Then people criticized this by saying: if you go and make this identity forceful, then nobody is going to give their children for adoption and no men are going to donate sperm which means that married couple that can’t have babies cannot adopt … many times when parents give the child for adoption, the parents when man donates his sperm for in vitro fertilization, he does it anonymously -two types of marriages: arranged marriages and love marriages -in preindurstrial and traditional world, marriage is seen as to important to be left alone to the young, so arranged marriages will take place… arranged marriage is a way of bringing together assets … so pick similar social standing (wealth, power, prestige, religion, ethnicity), so then you bring together assets and become bigger… some people tend to be emotionally prepared for married life.. cultural compatibility is seen as more important (little concern for personal feeling)… most of the arranged marriages are in rural areas.. one person has a piece of land, other person has land to, so get married and bring together assets… you consolidated (grows larger) -as industrialistion kept growing, social events collapsed the arranged marriages (industrialization due to urbanization (sell you land and move to the city and enter labour market) -children depend on parents for economic survival in traditional families through land but due to urbanization, we as children now don’t have to rely on parents so much.. children sometimes will even make more money than the parents -extended family is taken up the nuclear family (nuclear family has less influence on the family)…if you have a fight, people will back you up… democracy fosters individualism (I will select my own love mate) -sexual passion + affection = love marriage… we have stories like Cinderella who looks for a handsome prince -love motivates people to leave the nest and carry lives of their own… and love can cope difficult times by living together and being there for each other… problem wax and wane (love can go oops one minute and then on a roller coaster the next minute)… love many people say is an unstable foundation for marriage (divorce rates are higher here)… but theres more pressure to maintain an unhappy marriage in traditional families though -there are social factors in mate selection: religion (people marry others of the same race, ethnicity, social class and religion), financial assets (nowadays they even do a credit check), social status, knowledge, etc… -Tin Turner: whats love got to do with it… applies to arranged marries and applies to “so-called” love marriages… like marries like: homogamy… same as endogamy… people marry others with similar social characteristics… -sanctions applied by families and people in the neighbourhood might think that this it the wrong person for you (if you marry outside religion, etc)… -geographical dispersion (slide 15) (you are more likely to meet and marry people during work, in class, or somewhere nearby, and not somewhere so far). -sex ratio: if theres a lower level of woman in a certain area, its harder for men to get married -UTSC is a local marriage market (it is a place where people can meet) -divorce and spouse abuse…in past, woman depended on men for economic survival, but with
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