SOCA01H3 Lecture Notes - Shoeshiner, Social Inequality

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Published on 11 Jun 2012
SOCA01- Lecture 6
Occupational Hierarchy of Prestige
Supreme Court Judge
1. Professionals
a. Teachers/profs
b. Physicians
c. Chartered accountants
d. Dentists
e. Engineers
f. Architects
g. Lawyers
2. White collar
a. Successful independent entrepreneur
b. Executive
c. Managerial
d. Supervisory
e. Clerical
3. Technical
a. Computer types software and hardware and programming
4. Skilled trades (aristocracy of labour)
a. Automotive
b. Tool and dye
c. Electricians
d. Carpenters
e. Tinsmiths
5. Semi-skilled work: Mc Jobs
a. Mc Jobs (service sector)
b. Sales clerk
c. Manufacturing (assembly)
d. Truck drivers
6. Unskilled
a. Janitorial
b. Migrant farm workers (see John Steinbeck’s grapes of wrath)
-About family living in Oklahoma
-Weather was very hot
-terrible decade w/ drought everywhere and people had to sell their farms
-the family’s farm was taken away and they went to Cali as migrant farm workers
c. Street sweepers
d. Shoe shiners
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Document Summary

Terrible decade w/ drought everywhere and people had to sell their farms. The family"s farm was taken away and they went to cali as migrant farm workers: street sweepers, shoe shiners. Can explain it by social complexity (not only reason) Some people prefer a political explanation (esp. conflict theorists) There is debate around what is responsible for inequality. How many distinct occupations do you find in a society. As society become more modern occupational complexity increases. Nowadays, most of people"s wealth are in their homes. If you have a business and have 10 trucks, those trucks are you wealth b/c they are expensive. These are all called non-liquid assets cannot buy things w/ them but if you exchange them in for money then they becomes liquid assets. Therefore, you can use money to purchase anything. We live in a world dominated by money transactions. When something is exchanged, money is usually a part of the exchange.

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