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SOCA01H3 Lecture Notes - Shoeshiner, Social Inequality

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Sheldon Ungar

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SOCA01- Lecture 6
Occupational Hierarchy of Prestige
Supreme Court Judge
1. Professionals
a. Teachers/profs
b. Physicians
c. Chartered accountants
d. Dentists
e. Engineers
f. Architects
g. Lawyers
2. White collar
a. Successful independent entrepreneur
b. Executive
c. Managerial
d. Supervisory
e. Clerical
3. Technical
a. Computer types software and hardware and programming
4. Skilled trades (aristocracy of labour)
a. Automotive
b. Tool and dye
c. Electricians
d. Carpenters
e. Tinsmiths
5. Semi-skilled work: Mc Jobs
a. Mc Jobs (service sector)
b. Sales clerk
c. Manufacturing (assembly)
d. Truck drivers
6. Unskilled
a. Janitorial
b. Migrant farm workers (see John Steinbeck’s grapes of wrath)
-About family living in Oklahoma
-Weather was very hot
-terrible decade w/ drought everywhere and people had to sell their farms
-the family’s farm was taken away and they went to Cali as migrant farm workers
c. Street sweepers
d. Shoe shiners
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