SOCA01H3 Lecture Notes - Altruistic Suicide, List Of Sovereign States By Suicide Rate, Solidarity

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21 Sep 2012

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Exam final not cumulative: lectures, matching 20, 40 multiple choice, readings (text, 40 multiple choice for the midterm, 28 from compass, 12 from mapping. Families, friendship circles, and work associations are all examples of microstructures: macrostructures include classes, bureaucracies, and power systems (e. g. , patriarchy), global structures include international organizations, patterns of worldwide travel and communication, and the economic relations between countries. Social structure: relatively stable patterns of social relations that affect our thoughts, feelings, actions, and identity. Sociological perspective illustrated through considering causes of suicide. Suicide often regarded as a supremely antisocial and non-social act. Yet there are hidden social causes of suicide. Suicide is considered supremely antisocial and non-social act for three main reasons: It is condemned by nearly everyone in society. It typically is committed in private, far from the public"s intrusive glare. It is comparatively rare (in 2004, there were about 11 suicides for every 100 000 people in canada).