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SOCA01 Lecture 1 outline

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Sheldon Ungar

Class Outline CourseSOCA01H3 LEC30 Lecture 13/09/2012 Topic: Sociology and common sense Key educational goals/outcomes for today: Understand the difference between common-sensical and sociological approaches to knowledge about society. Learn the definition of sociology and its elements. Be able to define sociological imagination and apply it on various apparently personal problems. Understand that sociology does not strive for theoretical unity, but instead thrives on interaction among multiple theoretical approaches. Understand the basic questions of the five main theoretical approaches in sociology and apply them to various social phenomena/problems. Reading Tepperman, Lorne, Patrizia Albanese, and Jim Curtis (eds.). 2012. Sociology: A Canadian Perspective. 3 edition. Toronto: Oxford University Press. Introduction and Chapter 1. Questions to guide the reading/to think about ahead of time for students Define sociological imagination. Apply it to the most pressing problems facing you at the moment. How do social arrangements (relations, institutions, culture) influence or create those problems and limit your solutions to them? Define micro- and macrosociology. Understand that sociology is a systematic, intellectually rigorous and empirical study of society. How does it differ from journalism, philosophy and psychology? Do we shape our identities freely, or under the influence of the society we were born into? Illustrate your answer with your own experiences. What is the most important characteristic of the Enlightenment? Define positivism. A GENDA FOR CLASS Introduction Today’s class will introduce you to scientific study of society – sociology. We’ll consider the mai
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