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Malcolm Mac Kinnon

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Sociology and Suicide: Durkheim’s Analysis
September 16th, 2010
-Sociology came from: 1. The Enlightenment (humans became more interested in
reason), 2. Industrial Revolution (created wealth, allowed more people to be educated), 3.
Age of Science
Durkheim asks the questions:
- Do social forces exist? Exists because they produce consequences, social forces shape
behaviour, ex. but in line then you are violating one of the social forces (first come first
-do social forces relate to suicide? If Durkheim finds no relations to social forces and
suicide rates then there’s no reason for sociology to exist therefore they do relate to
Social structure:
-Microstructures: lots of social interactions (you and your friends and family)
-Macrostructures: economy in a society, political system, the mass media. Above
microstructure. Creates valuable resources, ex. Money, power, prestige (physician has
more prestige than someone who works in a factory)
-Global Structure: Self explanatory. Refers to global economy, Canada’s trade with other
countries, political institutions, ex. United Nations, Are stable, they last
Sociological Perspective:
- Suicide is an individual thing, the most relevant to psychological problems, but social
structures is also a factor
- Durkheim didn’t find connection between psychological problems and suicide;
therefore it is normal people commit suicide: inverse relationship means- as
psychological disorders increase suicide decreases
-Durkheim is concerned with social issues and suicide, looks at social integration (social
solidarity) with society
-if people have common beliefs then the society is integrated well (common religion for
example binds people together)
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