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University of Toronto Scarborough
Ivanka Knezevic

Thursday September 13, 2012 Lecture 1 Do we need Sociology Common-sensical explanations of social life are usually:  Untested and  Marred by voluntaristic bias  People with good ideas, attitudes, and values have good lives  The word voluntaristic comes from the latin word that means will. For example, where there is a will, there is a way  We cannot be biased  In this situation, people base their opinions on their own experiences or their friends and families Sociological knowledge is:  Systematically tested in research  For example, surveys and interviews  Aware that events are shaped by not only by individual agency, by also by cultures and social structures that cause, or even force, people to experience conditions they would rather avoid  Examples of social structures or conditions that people experience is poverty, geographic location, substance abuse, one’s class What is Sociology? Tepperman, Albanese, and Curtis say: (textbook definition)  That sociology is a study of social behaviour in human societies  Emphasis on agency, current in sociology of the 2000’s Social Cause: neo-liberasim and rational choice theory  Neoliberalism: political philosophy that promotes privitization, deregulation, and trade liberalization, as well as fiscal reforms to reduce social expense. In other words, to minimize government regulation and policies that affect people’s choice, unless it is for the benefit of all people.  Rational-Choice Theory: it is very similar to opportunity cost. Before you do anything, you think of what the pros are for doing it, and what cons are Thursday September 13, 2012  Knezevic:(professors opinion) sociology is a study of social relations, created in an interaction of agency, social structure and culture  Social Structure: a relativel
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