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Culture defined • culture usually refers to high culture(culture consumed by upper class) or popular culture Culture • shared symbols and their definitions that people create to solve real life problems • Human survival kit: • abstraction is the first cultural tool, the ability to create concepts that organize sensory experience in meaningful ways • Cooperation capacity to create a social life by establishing generally accepted ways of doing things and ideas about what is right and what is wrong(norms,values) • Production-making tools. Tools and techniques are called material culture because they are tangible Three types of forms: Folkways, mores, taboos • Folkway: least important social norm, evoike least punishent. It is a social preference • Mores: social requirement. People believe it to be essential for survival for their group or society • taboo: among strongest norm. When someone violates a taboo, it causes revulsion in community, punishment is severve Culture and Biology Evolution of Human Behaviour • Sociologists claim that behaviour did not evolve evolutionary • evolutiontists claim that male promiciousity is adaptative evolutionary • however, male are only slighttly more promicious ( social arrangements such as marriage account in the substantial measure for variation in male promiciousity) • gay men are more likely to have more sex partners than lesbians, men are more likely than women to have same sex relationships Language • Saphir-whof thesis • We experience things\> form concepts> forms life • Camels are important in nomadic arabs, many types of words for camel in arabic • Language influences the way we see the world • The culture of tzeltal in southern mexico or of GuuguYimmithirr in QueenslandAustraila, lack concepts of left/right • if a tree to the north is located behind them, they will point to themselves as if they don't exist Culture as Freedom and constraint • In india the “untouchables” have the right to eat beef of dead cows, form the workforce of indias large leather craft industry Culture as Freedom • Uptill 1960, culture was seen as a refelection of society • Symbolic interactionaists see culture as an indepedent variable, one that influences society Culture Diversity • in 1988 according to the multicultural act, canada had no offical culture, and all cultures were equal • critics of multicultural education: • 1) multicultural education hurts students because you have less time for core subjects such as math,... • 2)It encourages political disunity and results in more interethnic and intterracial conflict • 3)It encourages cultural relativism, some cultures embrace female genital multilation which is wrong • Rights revolution 1) legitimizes the grievances of groups that were formerly exc
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