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Chapter 8 - Brym

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Sheldon Ungar

Chap. 8 Stratification Patterns of social inequality: 1. You dont have to work hard to get rich, since you inherit it 2. Hard work doesnt make you rich 3. Structure of society causes inequality Inequality has many interrelated dimensions including class, sex, race which spel the difference between life and death. Ie Titanic Economic inequality in Canada: Materialism is the attempt to satisfy needs by buying, it defines the modern society. Purchasing power of families increased due to economic productivity by improvements of workers skills and production technologies. # of earners increased, women in labour force Quintile: share of income is used for determining income inequality in Canada. Since 1980s, growing evidence of widening income inequality in Western countries. Explanations of Income Inequality: What kinds of work someone does based on their natural talents at activities widely admired. Ie Hollywood stars who reveals unusual determination and hard work. Success at formal schooling is key to acquired economically valued skills. Human capital: useful knowledge and skills someone possesses. Rates of success depend on human capital their family has accumulated. Human Capital Theory: Stresses the increasing centrality of education as a factor affecting economic success It is the investment in education and training. Social Capital: peoples network or connections. More likely to succeed if they have strong bonds with others.
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