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Chapter 6 - Ungar

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Sheldon Ungar

Manhunts: Chapter 6 Ungar Welfare system based on a hierarchy of deservedness creates hardships for mothers who have to prove they deserve welfare These struggles began after the introduction of OMA in 1920 (Ontario Mothers Allowance) Welfare policy (OMA) is now called Family Benefits Act (FBA)- initially started to support poor widows FBA expanded to support deserted, divorced, unwed, cohabitating mothers, mothers with incapacitated husbands and single fathers FBA helps to stigmatize the poor Ontario govt has begun cutting back welfare programs and increase the investigations of mothers (in order to see if they are worthy for welfare) July 1993- single mothers with children over age 12 are pressured to find work Despite the welfare policy expanding and liberalizing over the past 73 years, poor single mothers must still submit to intrusive investigations and prove their worthiness MORAL REGULATION AND ITS APPLICATIONS: OMA was the base of all welfare policies Moral investigation of welfare recipients was not thoroughly investigated by welfare scholars Moral concerns about the poor are often associated with charity work before the 20 th century-many assume this scrutiny decreased with the post-World War II welfare state Scholars influenced by Durkheim, Weber, and Foucault explored moral regulations of citizens They observed how these practices become a project of normalizing, of rendering natural unequal relationships between the rulers and the ruled Concept of moral regulations helps to emphasize certain aspects of the welfare policy that have been neglected
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