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Chapter 7 - Ungar

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Sheldon Ungar

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Ungar 7 (Chinese immigrants)
Chinese Immigrants
-Many of Chinese people came to Canada by way of relative sponsorship means that they
had a certain kinship ties that could be used a basis for business partners.
-partnerships were formed between fathers and sons, uncle nephew
-the financial arrangements of partnerships were usually made on an informal
basis(because of kinship ties)
-get your relatives together and all jus chip in together, no need of layer or paper ,
just take each other's words(trust)
-from Chinese immigrants point of view, partnership reduced the capital cost as well as the
operating cost in running a restaurant.
-The partnership business among the Chinese declined after the war as more Chinese were
allowed to bring their families to Canada. the family members provided additional labour
power to operate the restaurants.
Mobility Dream
-During their stay in Canada, they aspired to visit china periodically to see their family for
a short period of time.
-this mentality is called the "sojourners orientation" or a "marginal personality" results
from clash of 2 cultures, leading to the immigrants' inability to identify with the host
-their mobility inspiration to return to china was greatly influenced by a number of
structural factors.
-ex.the restrictive immigration laws against the Chinese meaning they were unable
to bring their family to Canada, before the war.
-before 1923, head tax on every Chinese person entered Canada.
-the social atmosphere was very unfriendly to the Chinese as a group, they were
excluded form many aspects of life in Canadian society
-they provided cheap labour and service in marginal and ethnic business sectors in
exchange for meagre pay to support families in china.
-After the war the the treatment of the chinese inmproved, and their familes were allowed
to immmigrate to canada
-the 1949 socialistrevolution in china dicouraged many immmigrants from returning home
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