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1962: 221 violent crimes per 100,000
1970: 480
1980: 636
1992: 1, 0861
This is a 500% increase in 30 years
See page 23 !!!!!
Not reported..
90% sexual assault
61% physical assault
54$ robberies
Sociopathic: a genetic link has been found, associated with serial murders
Sizari Lagroso- first criminologist (was convinces criminal behaviour was inborn- bad seed
theor y)
Atavistic typeit comes from an evolutionary theory what distinguishes humans from
animals is morality
Calls criminals degenerate: criminals are morally insane ex. Shifty eyes, reseeding hair lines,
and red hair
Charles goring 1913- English convict no difference between criminals and non-criminals
based on physical appearance
Shelden- endomorph(shor t fat), exomorph(tall skinny), mezomorph (the terminator Arnold)
1956 replicated sheldons work, compared 500 samples of delinquents and non-delinquents
Guex =husband and wife
Bruce Willis, the Rock
LABELLING THEORY- constraint theor y ; not so much the actual devi ance, more how
people respond in the devi ant subculture > Edwin lambert
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