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Lecture 6

SOCA02H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Steve Wozniak, Delayed Gratification, Assortative Mating

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Malcolm Mac Kinnon

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Watson and Crick, The Double Helix / Steve Wozniak, Apple Computers / Saint-Simone; Comte; Spencer /
Parsons / consensus / dissensus / “readin, ritin and rithamatic” / deferred gratification / Durkheim / Old
Soviet Union / Yugoslavia / ancestral homeland / Latvia; Estonia; Lithuania (Baltic Republics) /
meritocracy / latent / unintended / Christina Hoff Summers, The War Against Boys / Timothy Bates,
Edinburgh University / Bowles and Gintis, Schooling in Capitalist America /credentialism / Randall Collins
/ Marx, Communist Manifesto / James Dean, “Rebel Without a Cause” / inhibitory mechanism / frontal
lobes / Ojibwa / Huron / Gardner is to garden as _________ is to easel. Answers: (a) driver (b) painter
(c) priest (d) carpenter (e) bricklayer
Mass education is reserved for wealthy countries
Literacy rate is 99%; it is the ability to read at a primitive level; people who can just get by
Provides uniform socialization; religion used to isolate people, but not so with education;
Curriculum in university is devised by course instructors- academic freedom; common law
Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak were part of the flower power generation; smoked a lot of dope
and popped a lot of acid; Apple is now the largest corporation in the world and worth half a
trillion dollars; they have changed education because many students use PCs/laptops;
sociologists now look at how the economy influences education; education has become heavily
computerized; Germany spent 150 billion dollars on solar power and it provides .04% of
Germany’s energy
Education influences economy as well; Watson and Crick (The Double Helix), and DNA which was
a huge discovery;
Does education promote equality or inequality?
Meritocracy means you are judged on merit; educational systems are meritocracies in that they
evaluate people on merit/achievement; functionalism gives it most prominence; ascription is
more to do with conflict theory
Functionalism goes back to early French sociologists of the 19th century- Spencer/Parsons-
education is functional in that it integrates individuals into society
Conflict theory is the enemy of functionalism; economic barriers filter on basis of ability to pay;
people used to be able to graduate from high school and start working straight away even in
professions such as CAs; LSATs and MCATs are tests that lack validity; graduate programs in
Canada used to require GRE, but no longer required because it is not valid; still required in the
U.S.; tests like this are questionable; used to exclude people more than anything else; education
produces class differences
Difference between conflict approach, according to Marx (Neo-Marxists), education perpetuates
inequality and produces conflict; results in dissensus; functionalists say that education creates
Educational achievement can be hard to measure as opposed to educational attainment;
Functionalist approach- education socializes people; traditional societies sometimes called
illiterate societies; culture is passed on from family to child, but as division of labour increases,
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