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Sheldon Ungar

Chinese Immigrants- SOCA02  Study on Chinese in Saskatchewan o Collected detailed life histories of elderly Chinese w/ ref to work experiences in Canada Chinese Immigrants on the Canadian Prairie:  Initial wave of Chinese immigrants  miners from west coast of US and immigrants from china  Chinese labours recruited to fill labour shortage esp during construction of Canadian Pacific Railway  Anti-chinese bills  restrict their civil rights st  1 bill, head tax = $50 & ↑ to $100 then $500 o Eventually restricted all Chinese entering Canada (till 1947)  Occupation: labourers, mining, canning, construction, manufacturing o Organized labour beg to grow, Chinese = target of labour exclusion (excluded from trade) o Anti-Chinese sentiments = political support  needed to exclude Chinese to gain pop support o Forced employment in the marginal sector (restaurants/laundry) Background of Chinese Respondents:  Came to Canada in late teens/ early 20’s from rural families in the same province where many male members went overseas  No working exp prior to immigration (except working agriculture)  No knowledge of Eng  Left home to escape economic hardship  Immigrants borrowed from relatives in Canada to finance the trip & paid them back after having a chance to work and save $  Kinship assistance frequently extended beyond initial stage of immigration help w/ legal
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