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Mc Kinon

AC223 = my room Elite theory models of democracy- Multicultural come about from pluralism. Web based pluralism. For dacade, david szuki Canadian environmentalist (left wing). Two provinces that have Saskatawan leads Ontario. Alberta leads saskatawan. Most new immigrants are settled in Ontario, but not anymore. Ontario in debt of 17 Billion dollars. There would be cut in universities and other utilities. Gov if spend too much more than taxes, u ended up like . oil sands – you can make 6 fig income. U can make that kinda income right out of universities. David went to the web & his msg to environmental degragation& global warming argument, ozone depletion, biodiversity (# of species on earth, a lot of them disappearing). 99% of all species that existed has now disappeared due to extinction. Not just Canada , we find political activatism or cyber activism on the net. It had an impact in Indonesia, china, Kosovo (new country), Malaysia. Social movement has gone up in response to web. Falun Gong – huge rally org on the web. Protest G20 (summer of 2010) was org on the web (face book, email, twitter etc). Kosovo (early 1990s) was attacked by Serbia, was a dissident (outside the mean stream) Koha Ditore went to the web . Mexico another ex of cyber activism in region of Chiapas. Movement there was called Zapatista ( named after a rev from Mexico Zapata). There is less elite theory in democracy than in any other political system. So one time the web was a way to get around from political repression. Authoritian regime is getting control of the web especially the info that get into the country. It can now be filtered by authoritarian regime. Yahoo, Google, Microsoft have given assistance to non democratic regime to filter out info that they don’t like. Regrettably, they are taking a lot of heat for this. Google withdrew foreign agreement from Chinese government. Google head quater in china was almost buried with flower for withdrawing from agreement. Yahoo and Microsoft is still providing assistance. Iran shut sensors the web (like face book). In egpt, recently Feb 2011, again twitter, face book shut down protest was being coordinated this waay. same thing happening in Syria. If one msg gets through, the person send that msg to as many pple as possible, they do the same thing, so it is like a snowball effect. It is still difficult to get that info hid from pple. Regular election, lobbies, unions , political parties, mass media , all in favor of pluralistic. They keep eye on state and critaxize. State is cratasize bcz they have power. According to pluralistic, power shud be used properly. Critique to pluralism: Survey show political involvement dec with social class. But not bcz pple from working class are forbidden to engage. Intact some encourage. But these pple tends to be pessimistic and more cynical about the process. Protectionism dec with globalization. Some country engage in dumping means the way u gain entry into another country market by dumping. U sell a prod less than it takes to make that prod to trip overseas. U can drive out competition. One of criticism of globalization. GATT is international political org. when we talked about work, all sort of sociologist thinking work will disappear. Bcz of automation replace human workers and inc productivity. Making more for less effort. These pessimistic overlooked , they didn’t take into account innovation. So steve jobs & other two guys were acid freaks & dope a lot. # of new prod were made. Jobs are created all the times by coming up with new prod all the time. He knew wht pple wanted. Patriochy (working class) and patrimony(feudal) both represent slightly diff type of traditional society. Menisfestor – wor
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