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Sheldon Ungar

SOCA02H3: Lecture 9  Hot Crises & Media Reassurance - media coverage is generally alarming  Mutation-Contagion Package  microbes are on a rampage  microbes are smarter than us  engineering microbial traffic by our own activities  instant-distant infections-think about the idea of stepping on an air plane  waiting for next plague  Mutation-Contagion not create grass root panic—as such!  Aim to use fear to create sense of urgency  Often litle response  threats hypothetical  distant/marginal  treatable/difficult to get  Complacent  Conquered contagious diesease  Sandman’s thesis  Normally push fear to gain attention  Limited effect (as above)  But: get moderation in “crisis situations”  “Hot Crisis” (& Moderation)  dread inspiring events developing in unpredictable ways & possibly pose an imminent personal threat  could develop into grass root panics  Menace in air  Startling  Talked about  Frenzy media—piggyback real world events  Examples of Moderation in Hot Crises  3 mile island  Chernobyl  Aids ? –  Ebola  SARS – was contained pretty quickly  Bird flu  Methods-Procedures  How get at fearful/reassuring content?  interpretive packages  metaphors or catchphrases that encompass core frame of a story  - They change over time  Ebola embodies worst of mutation-contagion  nightmare scenario  monster virus  New  From Africa (jungle)  Bleed through skin  Highly contagious  Untreatable  deadly  Methods-Data  International media coverage bird flu over several years  Google Massive, unusable sample Need select articles somehow Discourse stages 1. Sounding the alarm Avian mutation Interpretive package 2. Mixed-messages Lessen the fear Disease detective package Prepareness package Medical promises tamiflu Discourse stages 3. Hot Crisis & containment Improvise containment Health and Society Health: UN definition A state of complete physical, mental and social well-being What could this really mean? 1 in 4 suffer mental illness in life Aging and nuisance afflictions Health is as much social as biological Related to Social inequalities technology Social resources Social constructionism Health & stratification Rich live upstream Toronto vs country side Race- related to poverty, toxic site (where you live) Income & obesity Bottom 20%, 5 times top 20% Gender ROME Blks poor –higher cancer rates-powerless –toxic sites Heart attks—TO—rush anxiety; Rural—smoke; hi fat diet; stress of poverty; pestcicdes; fewer Drs People tend to be healthier in the city Race is also a function that affects your health, the place you live affects you (blacks live in gettos) Income and obesity The bottom don’t have enough income for “good/healthy” food Rich have the gym memberships Testing =Men--aspirin women & heart attacks--diff symptoms Disease Ecology “we are major engineers of of viral traffic, but are unaware of it” Pathways: e.g. dengue fever Viruses—sinks--invade areas—rain forest, destroy reservoir— species jumper dengue—mice fields - As the species loose their homes they move closer to humans Population density Viruses need a reservoir or die out Stepping off a plane – War.. Napoleon lost more troops to disease than he did to fighting 1918 Spanish flu- killed around 50-100 million people in the world Viruses—sinks--invade areas—rain forest, destroy reservoir— species jumper dengue—mice fields Scientific Control of Disease past Century US Surgeon General in 1967 claims contagious diseases will be wiped out… Vaccines antibiotics Smallpox - do with virus? Shift in Epidemiology- Away from contagious diseases Overstate the role of Science Vs. Social factors TB Popular in the early 20s, now gone way down One of the reasons its gone is antibiotics TB Death Rates over time (approx) antibiotics TB Popular in the early 20s, now gone way down One of the reaso
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