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SOCA02H3 Lecture Notes - Social Democracy, Free France, Anti-Capitalism

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Sheldon Ungar

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Lecture 11: Pt.2
Student Tuition Protests in Quebec:
Why there was no maple spring in Ontario
Ontario tuition much more than quebec
Ontario tuition yearly increase slightly more than quebec
Student response: Ontario = nothing & Quebec: Maple Spring demonstrations (go on for months)
Quebec: close bridges, subway disrupts economy (they try to throw bricks etc)
Most part, universities closed down, classes cancelled etc
Bill 78 emergency law to limit student demonstration
Largest act of civil disobedience in canada (400,000 protestors) After bill 78 passed (not just
students…many other ppl as well)
Fair amount of violence with police
Explaining the Difference:
Discontent clearly not a sufficient explanation
“Men grow angry far more often than they rebel” Charles Tilly
Deep tradition of protest in Quebec
o Nationalist/independence (to separate from the rest of Canada)
o Social democracy/ anti capitalist (Quebec more left wing)
-FLQ front de liberation du Quebec / Pierre Elliot Trudeau
Tradition of student protest:
* linked to both nationalism & anti-capitalism
2012 tuition protests
Paris 1968
o Red square= main symbol of it (left-wing meaning)
Gabriel-Nadeau-Dubois- leader of it…wears red sq
Student leadership spawned by independence movement
quebec casts up charismatic leaders (French talking with hands or wtv)
Support by faculty:
- Francophone factor many faculty attended Quebec unis
o (left-win, pro-independence)
- Lawyers support protests as well
Support by other groups:
Independists P.Q’s
Left-wing groups
Labour unions
Civil rights groups
Montreal Police response:
Tend to not employ excessive force
o Vs. G20 Summit in Toronto
o Plice in qubec don’t crush down the protests like they would attempt to in other places
Parti quebecois wins election & throw out liberals
September 4th election
Parti Quebecois wins priemier Pauline Marois cancels tuition-fee hikes
o When not in power can promise anything, but eventually, may be hard to deliver out on
those promises
o She increased tuition 3% a year ($70/yr)
o Cut $250 milion university budgets over 2 yrs
Limited student protests
Leo bureau blouin protest leader elected to national assembly as PQ member 9a/o charismatic
Europe Tuiton examples:
Austri, Denmark, finland, Sweeden: free
France: 156 euros/ yr ($200/ yr)
Germany: Free to 1000 euros
England: $5000/ yr (many top universities there though)