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Sheldon Ungar

Lecture 11: Pt.2 Student Tuition Protests in Quebec: Why there was no maple spring in Ontario Ontario tuition much more than quebec Ontario tuition yearly increase slightly more than quebec Student response: Ontario = nothing & Quebec: Maple Spring demonstrations (go on for months) Quebec: close bridges, subway  disrupts economy (they try to throw bricks etc) Most part, universities closed down, classes cancelled etc Bill 78 – emergency law to limit student demonstration Largest act of civil disobedience in canada (400,000 protestors) After bill 78 passed (not just students…many other ppl as well) Fair amount of violence with police Explaining the Difference:  Discontent clearly not a sufficient explanation  “Men grow angry far more often than they rebel” – Charles Tilly  Deep tradition of protest in Quebec o Nationalist/independence (to separate from the rest of Canada) o Social democracy/ anti –capitalist (Quebec more left wing) -FLQ front de liberation du Quebec / Pierre Elliot Trudeau Tradition of student protest: * linked to both nationalism & anti-capitalism 2012 tuition protests  Elections-for-fools  Paris 1968 o Red square= main symbol of it (left-wing meaning) Gabriel-Nadeau-Dubois- leader of it…wears red sq Student leadership
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