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Lecture 11

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Sheldon Ungar

Sociology Part 2 Lecture 11 Argue here no real debate Some radical Feministsbiggest defenders UN regards it negatively Radical feminist develop a particular point of you but not consistent totally They call genital cuttingtheyre trying to associate it with certain demands Its not nearly extremely damaging as female genital cuttings The UN doesnt call it cutting Assert all cultures are equal need affirm them Avoid ethnocentrism racism neoimperialismNot deny cultural sovereignty to less powerful peoplethats what colonialism did English superior and Indians inferior You dont have to take everything from Western idea All cultures are equal ButRF often exempt the Westwestern cultures are not equalpractice of colonialism imperialism conquest Invoke sense guilt for their past RF claim that west is somehow worse than othersWarfare and conquest were historical givens Spread Islamconversions and conquest very quickly relativelyIt was also by warfare When we look at religionthe crusades were caused by the Islam Both sides fought for defending themselves Farmers in many areas they were moving around and taking womenthus you had to defend yourself there was no military power and such Attacks on Vienna look upAll religions break down into groups Eg in Christianity Protestant and Catholics are two different group and fought for many years Islam has its on splits and they fight each other on occasion the have holy books allows the conflicts violence statementsgroups use religion in different ways could be used for peace or warfare Turkish empire was powerfulth In the endWest is more successfully militarily trained soldiers 17 century on Britain used a very small military group to fight with Indians Counterfactual historical claimwhat would happen Others would more or less done what the West didJapan Burma West went through its dark ages such as Life expectancy dropped technologically behind in that period Islam saved most of the documents The other empire Turkish took over and controlled it Japan was never colonized since it was powerful Developed very powerful military and became a very aggressive nation in WWII Japan killed about 3 million chinesetalking about killing not warfare IT doesnt have western religion adapted technology and did really well Burmanews highly biased mostly In Burma monks and other Buddhist are killing Muslims the numbers are not hugely high Buddhist not
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