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Sheldon Ungar

SOCA02 – Intro to Soc – Week 1 – January 10, 2013 Race and Ethnic Social Control & Race - Afro- Americans o They experience “Special” racism - Author Ash – First real tennis winner – Black % of groups with White Spouses – 2000 US Census - Blacks were the minority group with the least amount of people that had white spouses Sport and Social Mobility - Minorities overrepresented in sport o Why?  They lack other opportunities  Performance easily measured (Ex. Running) Boxing - Oldest sport? o Bronze age pottery - Byron th o Boxing is the favourite sport of aristocrats (19 century)  Has gone downhill since it is “politically incorrect”  People believe it is a lower class sport, who is going to endure being beat up? Heavyweight Champ - Pinnacle of sport o From the underclass - Given “leeway” o Exercise/neutralize/tolerate deviance Afro American Champs - Create ambivalence - They fear & increase social control o In the past they would have black people to fight, however, they were not allowed to hit whites Boxing History - Jack Johnson – First black heavy weight champion o He was very arrogant, if people were looking for a champion they would be looking for a ‘good boy’ o He married 3 different white women in the 1910s  There was a law that black and white were not allowed to get married and he threw it around o He was driving through states really fast, he was stopped by a cop and he paid the ticket on the spot. He paid the cop twice the amount of the ticket saying that he would pass through the street again tomorrow Other Fighters - Joe Louis o Many consider him to be the greatest fighter ever o Fights once a month compared to others (once a year &etc) o He seemed to be a good guy in the beginning, he didn’t swear, he was humble, he donated money to the war o Was fighting Schmelling and last the first fight  The second fight, he hit Schmelling so hard on the side that he broke his rib o Had bad financial advice and had gone broke  He was shamed afterwards in the United States regardless of what happened in the past - Floyd Patterson o Not as much as Louis but pretty much a white fighter o He was respectful o He had a problem/secret that he had a glass jaw and eventually people found out - Sunny Liston o Criminal, poor, not much good could be said about him until later in his life o He was so poor that he said the first time he had a good dinner was in prison o He was the champ before Ali, and Ali had beat him - Muhammad Ali o Loud, arrogant o After he won his first match he changes his name to Ali, being a Black Muslim  Hated by all whites but later wins back their affection o Famous Quote: “I ain’t go nothing against viet cong” o US took away his fighting license and his passport – stuck in USA and unable to fight… Great White Hope - VS Larry Homes Rubin “Hurricane” Carter - Light/middle weight fighter - Jailed for 20 years o Wrongfully convicted triple murder  Thrown out by US Supreme Court  People assumed it was him because of a murder that happened and he was in the vicinity  US court thrown him out because they knew he had been convicted with no evidence Afro Americans & Social Change - Clarence Thomas & Anita Hill o Anita hill accused him of sexually harassing him - Michael Jackson o Earlier cases (Children) - Rodney King - OJ - Kobe Bryant Jail US - 1/3 Afro- American men are in prison, parole or probation Police Racial Profiling - African- American adults are arrested for a disproportionate share of property crimes, including 2 of every 5 automobile thefts Afro Americans & Music - The “good” (“acceptable”) black - Black musical genres feeding rock o Rhythm and blues o Gospel Music o Some country and western - White singers do “black music” - Mowtown - Michael Jackson - Rap Race and Ethnic – Definitions & Applications Race - Little/No biologic
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