SOCA02H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 12: Environmental Determinism, Rivet, Global Commons

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Published on 20 Apr 2013
SOCA02H3: Lecture 12
per capita drop, renewable resourrces , 90-10'
whats happened with oil and gas?-predicted we'd reach peak and we'd be down but
we're on way up, fracking new method
natural gas better than coal but a pollutant
people have moved into dangerous areas, their living in hurricane zones
effects of montreal protocols;
concentration of CEF dropping we'renot getting ozone losses
morality rate;
their dropping around the world
food and developed countries
if we run out of something prices go up and vice versa
we're dealing with chaotic phenomenons,
sorting out the result;
spaceship metaphor;
we are a spaceship , now its global they find the polar bears are full of chemicals,
around the world, there is a limited amount and we're to dependent on each other,
natures veto
gaia hypothesis-planet is a life system and changes will make it chaotic
ex oxygen in atmosphere 25%, leads to too much fires
we need it at a certain level
climate is living system with us, animals, and oxygens in range, if we destroy oceans
we could change oxygen, nature would wipe us out
we need termites, they eat up waste w/o we would clog on ourselves, their like
garbage eaters
Rivet metaphor;
we may be living on a rivet systm and then it busts the rivet thats critical
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ex ozone hole-threat to animal, plant people life
climate change-Atlantic conveyor belt, cold weather, come downed to south, if it
stopped we have no way of observing weather-singularity
sperm count;
created panic,
sociology and the environment;
used to be theories of geographic determinism northern vs southern people-linked to
races, and climate got thrown out with it
sense we're above natures, we can overcome all natural challenges, even if climate
change turns to be real, we did solve issues with ozone ex,
climate change affects crops shortages, drouts, fires
we're not above environment as much
in ecology;
idea everything is interconnected
idea cant do one thing ex oxygen you can change that and not affect other things
DDT in borneo- desimitated the wasps, rooms of peoples houses were chewed off
deer’s arent around anymore, we need a population balance cant kill all animals
killed flies, lizzards dying and then cats dying, caused more rats,
garret harding;
notion you have sheep herders, they are eating grass small numbers
whats the advantage add more sheep , wool, no longer manage carrying capacity,
what are global commons;
oceans- cods , pollution,
air the atmosphere, we tragedy their climate change or pollution
sustainable development;
dont wanna affect future generations
ex how much fish can we take now so future generations will have fish
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